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Roadshow: I-580’s potholed Altamont Pass is repaved

Published Friday March 10

I dropped my wife off at Oakland Airport last week and now I need a new windshield for her Lexus.

Q I couldn’t believe it: Caltrans has finally repaved that awful stretch! Every lane, for miles. Nighttime crews were finishing up the last part, heading down to Greenville Road in Livermore. There hasn’t been such a shocking discovery since … well, since that Oscars debacle a couple of weeks ago.

A OMG indeed. Recently, Bill-the-Caltrans-Paving-Man had told me that “the contractor is on board,” so this terribly bumpy stretch might be smoothed over before the expected summer timetable.

My reaction: “Sure it will.”

Bill, I’ll not doubt you again.

A Street sweepers will be out as soon as storm repairs ease and rain is not forecast.

A A large paving project for I-880 is set for next year.

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